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A Commitment to Sustainability

No artful deception. No greenwashing. Just full transparency.

This is why we, as a company, have taken the decision not to offset our carbon emissions. Sustainability is about reducing energy consumption, not paying to hide it.

Windmoeller is a family company in its third generation. We’ve been around for over 70 years and so we understand the seriousness of leaving a better world for future generations more than most. Fueled by pioneer thinking, we are committed to using our expertise and resources to make a positive impact on the environment.

Our commitment to sustainability begins with our choice of raw materials.

We carefully select renewable resources, recycled materials, and environmentally friendly options to minimize our impact on the planet. We work hard to reduce waste, energy, and our carbon footprint in every aspect of our production process. And we have a culture of transparency and trust, ensuring that our customers and other stakeholders have access to accurate and reliable information about our products and processes.

From the raw materials we choose, and the energy we use, to the safety and lasting performance of our solutions, we take human and environmental health seriously.

Sustainability – done on Purpose.

Sustainable Flooring from Windmoeller

Learn more about our sustainable initiatives at Windmoeller Inc.

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Ecuran is a unique composite material manufactured primarily from plant-based oils such as canola oil and castor oil, and naturally occurring mineral components such as chalk. It combines sustainability with extremely high levels of resilience for optimal results. Learn more about ecuran.