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What is Purpose Organic Flooring?

Purpose Floor is a highly resilient bio-based PUR (polyurethane) flooring made from natural ingredients and manufactured in an ecologically responsible facility. At its core is ecuran, a sustainable high-performance composite material produced from plant-based oils such as canola or castor oil and naturally occurring mineral components like chalk.

Purpose Floor was developed to create beautiful, durable, and sophisticated flooring solutions for light commercial interiors. Renewable ingredients and designs formed in nature give life to this sustainable flooring for healthy living on Purpose.

Naturally powered by

Ecuran is a unique composite material manufactured primarily from plant-based oils such as canola oil and castor oil, and naturally occurring mineral components such as chalk. It combines sustainability with extremely high levels of resilience for optimal results. Learn more about ecuran.

Healthy Living on Purpose


• A full range of wood and stone designs gives you maximum flexibility to create stunning spaces

• Large format planks with a V4 bevel and tiles with a micro-bevel edge enhance authenticity

• Ideal for corporate, retail, hospitality, and multifamily environments


• Scratch, indentation, and wear-resistant for long-lasting beauty

• High dimensional and thermal stability

• Stain resistant to some of the most stubborn chemicals

• No finishing, waxing, buffing, or stripping

• Reduces impact sound and improves sound absorption

• UV resistant


• Product verifications include Cradle to Cradle Certified® Silver, Declare, and FloorScore

• Purpose Floor can contribute to LEED, Living Building Challenge, and WELL

• Zero harmful VOCs, complies with CDPH 01350, and entirely odorless

• Chemical-free cleaning and maintenance

• No chlorine, plasticizers, solvents, or harmful pollutants


Purpose Floor consists of multiple layers that work together to create beautiful, durable, and long-lasting flooring for light commercial environments.

DURABLE, wear-resistant, and Long lasting performance


Checking all the boxes for beautiful, durable, and responsible flooring.

Inventing Sustainable PUR for Flooring

Advanced technology, precision engineering, ecological responsibility and more than 10 years of research and development have gone into the formulation of ecuran to manufacture flooring.

Ecuran is a unique bio-based PUR (polyurethane) manufactured primarily from plant-based oils such as canola oil and castor oil, and naturally occurring minerals. One material that combines both performance and sustainability.

Well known for its versatility, durability, and resistance to abrasion and impact, polyurethane is an elastic material that has a wide variety of uses. Polyurethane has been used for decades as a protective coating for wood floors, vehicles, and furniture. It is also used to manufacture a broad range of products such as footwear, bungee cords, medical tubing and devices, and much more.

With the development of ecuran, Windmoeller has successfully eliminated petroleum and instead uses natural and renewable resources to produce this high-performance material. Additionally, ecuran does not contain any harmful chemicals or compounds such as pollutants, chlorine compounds, plasticizer additives and flame retardants.

Windmoeller is still the only manufacturer using ecuran to produce polyurethane resilient flooring.

Sold throughout Europe for more than eight years, Purpose Organic Flooring was introduced to the US market in 2023.  

Designed for light commercial environments, Purpose Floor delivers award-winning design and unbeatable durability that is responsibly sourced and manufactured in Germany.

Flooring Cradle to Cradle Silver
Declare certified flooring
Purpose Floor Environmental Certifications healthcare product declaration
Purpose Floor Environmental Certifications Environmental Product Declaration Flooring EPD
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Ulrich Windmoller received Lifetime Achievement Award at the Heimtex Star Award Ceremony – January 8, 2019

Inventor Ulrich Windmöller

Inventor and decisive driver Ulrich Windmöller is a creative force in the development of new technologies. Ulrich, our leadership team and innovation management system encourage, drive and reward employee creativity. The result of free-thinking employees is the future of our business and innovation. Our culture of pioneer thinking has facilitated the development of many innovative products including our revolutionary ecuran material.


Authentic-Looking Wood Designs
12 Extra-Large Format Planks
Modern Stone Design
4 Large Format Tiles

Purpose Floor is produced by Windmöller GmbH, a worldwide flooring innovator.

Windmoeller stands for progress – innovations, high-quality products, and outstanding service, winning dozens of awards for design and sustainability. We are a global company with a presence in over 70 countries. Constantly striving to improve, we have stood for innovative products since 1948. Our history has been shaped by courage, opportunities, and the drive to advance our industry. Our goal at Windmöller GmbH is to design manufacturing methods and products to be as environmentally friendly as possible to sustain human and planet health.

We are driven by ideas, technologies, and taking chances – and the desire to surprise and inspire.